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Price, prize and prize

Price, prize and prize

“Precio“,“award“y“award“they are easy to confuse due to inconsistency in English pronunciation.

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  • “Price“ is the cost of something. For example:
    • What is the price of that car? ✔️
      (“Price“rhymes with“rice.“)
  • “Prise“ (generalmente“open with prize“listen)) is a British English variant of“open with prize“. (“Award“is pronounced“award“.) Por ejemplo:
    • I used my hands to prise the dog’s mouth open. ✔️
    • I used my hands to prize the dog’s mouth open. ✔️
      (“Prize“is also used in British English.)
  • “Prize“ is a reward given in recognition of an achievement. For example:
    • The first prize in the competition was a week’s holiday in California. ✔️

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“Precio“it is most often used as a noun meaning the cost of something. However, it can also be used as a verb meaning to set the price.

Example sentences with“precio“:

  • You get up at 5 am? That’s a high price to pay for living in the country. ✔️
    (In this example,“price“is a noun. Note that“price“does not always relate to money.)
  • Do not price the car too highly. ✔️
    (Here,“price“is a verb.)


“Prise“it means to use force to move something, separate something, or open something. it is a verb“Award“It can also mean using effort or force to get information from someone. The spelling of the verb“to prise“It only exists in British English. In American English, the verb is“at a premium“.

Example sentences with“prise“:

  • Most fishmongers use a short-bladed knife to prise open oysters. ✔️
    (“Prise“is usually features in a phrasal verb, e.g.,“to prise open,““to prise out.“)
  • Together, we prised the information from her. ✔️


“Prize“is a reward given in recognition of an achievement. In this meaning, it is a noun. When“prize“is used as a verb, it is either a US spelling of“prise“(see above), or it means to highly value something or someone.

Example sentences with“prize“:

  • The worth of a prize depends on the people who have received it before you. ✔️(Spanish writer Antonio Munoz Molina)
    (Here,“prize“is a noun.)
  • Journalists prize independence not teamwork. ✔️ (American writer Ken Auletta)
    (Here,“prize“is a verb.)

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