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Should I write “con respecto a” or “con respecto a”?

Should I write“with respect to“o“with respect to“?

“respect to“is the correct version, but“with respect to“is becoming more and more popular. Nevertheless,“with respect to“should be treated as an error.

  • With regard to ✔️
  • With regards to ❌

More about“With Regard To“and“With Regards To“?

The phrase“with respect to“has been increasing in popularity since the 1990s, but should still be considered a bug. The graph below compares“with respect to“y“with respect to“in literature since 1940.

Alternatives to“with regard to“and“in regard to“

“respect to“y“with respect to“it is often considered cumbersome business language. Here are three shorter alternatives:

(1) Use“about“

  • I want to talk with regard to your application.
  • I want to talk about your application.

(2) Use“concerning“

  • With regard to your observation, I will check the process personally.
  • Concerning your observation, I will check the process personally.

(3) Use“regarding“

  • We have received your complaint with regard to John’s promotion.
  • We have received your complaint regarding John’s promotion.

In Regard To“or“In Regards To“?

The correct version is“with respect to“.

  • In regard to ✔️
  • In regards to ❌

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