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The difference between “allude” and “avoid”

The difference between“allude“ y “Avoid“

“Allude“ y “elude“they are easy to confuse because they sound similar.

  • “Allude“ means to refer to indirectly. For example:
    • The general director will refer to your contribution during her intervention .✔️
  • “Elude“ means to avoid or evade. For example:
    • You must avoid the dogs to have a chance to escape.✔️


“allude“means to refer to indirectly. Verbs“allude“ y “to mention“have a close meaning, but“allude“it is less direct. It can be translated as insinuating or offering an indication about.

Here are some examples of“allude“in sentences:

  • This Chinese saying alludes to the power of nature:“A spark can start a fire that burns the whole prairie“.
    (The saying does not mention the power of nature, but it offers a hint about the power of nature. The saying alludes to the power of nature.)✔️
  • “Forewarned is Prepared“alludes to the importance of being in control. ✔️
    (Provides a pointer to the importance of being in control.)
  • The judge did not specifically mention his previous crimes, but he did allude to them in his summary. ✔️
    (The judge hinted at earlier crimes.)


“Avoid“means to avoid, evade or escape.

Here are some examples of“avoid“in sentences:

  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid try to evade capture. ✔️
    (They try to avoid capture.)
  • If you want something, it will elude you. If you don’t want something, you’ll get ten in the mail. (Author Anna Quindlen)✔️
  • Peter Beardsley used to allude to defenders with his trademark footwork. ❌
    (He used to avoid defenders. This should be“elude defenders“).

Top Tip

Avoid means to escape . _ Remember the meaning of e lude by remembering that it starts with the same letter as e escape.

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What is the paronym for allude?

mentionname, quote, point, suggest, refer, mention, insinuate, reference, OpenThesaurus.

What is alludes example?

One way to refer to something without naming it is by using a symbol, for example:“The flag alludes to the country“ o “If I see a white dove drawn I know that it is alluding to peace“.

What to refer to?

‘Referring to something or someone’. It is normally constructed as intransitive, with a complement preceded by a: «The Peruvian president alluded to the possibility of new attacks» (Clarín [Arg.]

What is allude synonym?

Insinuate something: 2 insinuate, suggest, point, imply, let glimpse, let see, let betray. Example: Although he did not use that word, we knew that he was referring to his resignation.


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