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The difference between “coral” and “corral”

The difference between“Coral“y“Corral“

“Coral“y“corral“they are easy to confuse because they are spelled and sound very similar (that is, they are almost homonyms).

“Coral“ is a hard stony substance secreted by certain marine polyps. For example:

  • Ice ages have come and gone, but coral reefs have persisted. (Marine biologist Sylvia Earle)

“Corral“ is an enclosure for cattle. as a verb,“to corner“es“round out“o“put cattle in a pen“. For example:

  • They are building a corral for the bison. ✔️
    (Here,“corral“is a noun.)
  • Corral the bison before the rain starts. ✔️
    (In this example,“corral“is a verb.)
  • I like to sit on my porch and corral my thoughts. ✔️
    (As a verb,“corral“is often used figuratively.)

More about“Coral“and“Corral“

The words“coral“y“corral“they look and sound similar, but their meanings are very different. With the stress on the first syllable,“coral“rhymes with“laurel“(like in“laurel wreath“). With the stress on the second syllable,“corral“rhymes with“moral“(like in“the morale of the soldiers“).


Coral is a noun. It refers to the colorful rocky reefs found on the seabed.


As a noun,“corral“refers to an enclosure for cattle. As a verb, it means“round out“o“put cattle in a pen“.

As a verb,“corral“is often used figuratively. For example:

  • We’re tasked with making decisions under uncertainty. How do you corral that uncertainty in a way to make more consistently better decisions? (Sportsman Paul DePodesta) ✔️

Un corral también puede referirse a un recinto hecho con carretas para defender un campamento.

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