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The difference between “curb” and “curb”

The difference between“curb“y“curb“

“Curb“y“curb“they are easy to confuse. In the US, the“curb“it is the stone edge of the sidewalk. In the UK (and outside of North America), where the pavement is called pavement, the spelling is“curb“. This, however, is not the end of the story because“to stop“(that means“check“o“limit“) has the same spelling in American English and British English.

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Here are some examples with the nouns“curb“y“curb“:

  • When walking on the sidewalk, keep away from the curb. ✔️
  • When walking on the pavement, keep away from the kerb. ✔️

Aquí hay algunos ejemplos con el verbo“to curb“:

  • We must curb our spending. ✔️
  • We must kerb our spending. ❌
    (“Kerb“is never a verb.)


El verbo“curb“means“check“o“limit“.

For example:

  • Try tocurb your enthusiasm. ✔️
  • The US will curb its influence over the next decade. ✔️

Although quite rare, there is also a corresponding noun. It means“something that limits you“. For example:

  • There will be a curb on spending. ✔️
    (Here,“curb“is a noun.)

En este EE.UU.,“curb“it is used for the stone edge of a sidewalk. In British English, the spelling of this word“curb“.

  • We can’t all be heroes, because somebody has to sit on the curb and applaud when they go by. (American actor Will Rogers) ✔️


Los estadounidenses no necesitan preocuparse por la palabra“curb“. It does not exist in American English. However, for the British,“curb“it is the stone edge of a pavement. For example:

  • She tripped over the curb. ✔️
  • She tripped over the kerb. ❌

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