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The difference between “help” and “help”

The difference between“Aid“y“Aid“

“Aid“y“aide“they are easy to confuse because they sound identical and their meanings are related to providing help.

  • “Aid“ significa ayuda o asistencia. Por ejemplo::
    • The team provided aid to the refugees. ✔️
    • The team will aid the refugees. ✔️
      (Note that“to aid“means“to help“or“to assist.“)
  • “Aide“ is a helper or an assistant. (In other words, a“assistant“es una persona). Por ejemplo:
    • There’s too much work. I need an aide. ✔️
      (I need a person to help me.)

Nota:“Aid“y“aide“they are homonyms. This means that they are pronounced the same but have different meanings.


The word“aid“means“aid“o“assistance“. It is commonly seen as an adjective, a noun, or a verb. (As a verb, it means“help“o“watch“).


  • Be bold and mighty powers will come to your aid. (Canadian writer Basil King) ✔️
  • I have known sorrow and learned to aid the wretched. (Roman poet Virgil) ✔️


El sustantivo“aide“means“a helper“o“an assistant“.“a helper“is a person.


  • General McChrystal and his aides told the unvarnished truth. ✔️
  • The Libyan leader caused a scene at the African Heads of State Summit in Munyonyo when he slapped one of his aides for taking him to a wrong venue. ✔️

Common Terms with“Aid“and“Aide“

Common terms with the word“aid“:

  • Aid and abet
  • Band Aid
  • to come to (someone’s) aid
  • in aid of

Términos comunes con la palabra“aide“:

  • Aide memoire
  • aide-de-camp

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