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The difference between “high” and “high”

The difference between“alto“y“alto“

“Alto“y“alto“they are easy to confuse because they are both related to height.

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  • “High“ describes the distance above the ground.
    • In soccer, the crossbar is 2.44 m high. ✔️
    • The wall is 1 m high. ✔️
  • “Tall“ means“above average height“or“with a notably high dimension.“
    • Our goalkeeper is 190 cm tall. ✔️
    • The Burj Khalifa is 2722 ft tall. ✔️

“Alto“used when someone or something (especially someone) is above average height.

More about“High“and“Tall“

Non-native speakers are often unsure whether to use“alto“o“alto“. They are almost synonymous, but are used in slightly different contexts.

More about“High“

We usually use the adjective“alto“for things that are wider than its vertical height (eg tall mountains, tall wall).“Alto“also refers to elevation from the ground (for example, a high-flying airplane).

Example sentences with“high“:

  • Mount Everest is 29,035 feet or 8,848 meters high. ✔️
  • Made of stone and bricks from the nearby hills, the Juyong Pass section of the Great Wall of China is 25 feet 7 inches high. ✔️
    (While the wall is 16 feet 5 inches wide, this could be considered its depth. This section of the wall is actually 31 miles“wide“[long].)

“Alta“it is often used figuratively as well:

  • Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there. (Baseball player Bo Jackson) ✔️
  • Don’t be scared to fly high because it will inspire others. (Singer Kerli) ✔️

More about“Tall“

Especially when used for persons, the adjective“alto“means above average height. We use“alto“for things that are narrower than its vertical height (for example, people, buildings, or trees). In other words, for things that have a remarkably high dimension (compared to width and depth).

Example sentences with“alto“:

  • You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was. (President Abraham Lincoln)
  • If you want to see really tall trees, go to Washington State.

Higher Than or Taller Than?

“Rachel is taller than Craig“it means that Rachel’s location is above Craig’s. For example, it could mean that Rachel’s height on a mountain is greater than Craig’s (ie, she has climbed higher).

“Craig is taller than Rachel.“means that his body length is greater than hers, i.e. Craig’s height (5’11) is greater than Rachel’s (5’10).

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