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The difference between “incidence” and “incidents”

The difference between“incidence“ e “incidents“

“Incidence“ e “incidents“they are easy to confuse because they sound identical (that is, they are perfect homonyms). However, their meanings are very different.

  • Date“incidence“is the number of new cases of illness (eg, coronavirus, COVID-19, flu, measles) or injuries in a population during a specified time period. (More below)
  • A“accident“It is an event. The plural is“incidents“.


The noun“incidence“it was rare before the COVID-19 pandemic.“Incidence“is a technical word used in the field of disease control. It refers to the possibility of developing a new condition (usually a disease) within a specific period of time.

Example sentences with“incidence“:

  • The chart ‘Incidence of Flu by Area’ shows the number of people with coronavirus and coronavirus symptoms who visited their doctor last week. ✔️
  • They suffer a higher incidence of measles as they did not invest in health-care systems to deliver vaccinations effectively. ✔️

Hay dos medidas principales de incidencia:

  • Incidence Risk. Incidence risk is the proportion of individuals in a population (initially disease-free) who develop disease within a specified time.
  • Incidence Rate. The incidence rate is the frequency of new cases of disease in a population.


The word“incidents“is the plural of“accident“, which means an occurrence or an event.

Example sentences with“incidents“:

  • There is no evidence to link the two incidents at this time. ✔️
  • The police are investigating two incidents of someone shooting into occupied homes. ✔️

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What is meant by incidence?

Advocacy consists of the organization of a deliberate or planned process to influence some actor with decision-making power. Advocacy can be exercised by any person, group or organization in order to promote their particular interests.

The number of new cases of a disease, symptom, death, or injury occurring during a specific time period, such as a year. The incidence shows the probability that a person in a certain population will be affected by said disease.

What is the difference between an incident and a problem?

According to the ITIL definition, a problem is“a cause or possible cause of one or more incidents“. And an incident is a single unplanned event that causes a service interruption.

What is an incident in ITIL?

The most current version of ITIL defines an incident as“an unplanned interruption of an IT service or a reduction in the quality of an IT service“. In other words, an incident is any interruption of Information Technology services that affects from a single user to the entire company.

What is the incidence of a company?

An incident is an event that happens very quickly in a business and will have consequences for it. Good incident management is of vital importance for all companies, since its mission is to solve any problem that occurs in a company quickly and efficiently.

What is the synonym of incidents?

1 influence, effect, repercussion, consequence, result, scope. Example: The orography has an impact on the climatic conditions of a place. Event or event: 2 event, event, occurrence, fact, incident, occurrence, event.

What is an incident and examples?

Examples of incidents: Nearly fell, slippery floor. The vehicle ran a red light but did not collide. The log fell from the third floor and passed close to the worker’s head, but did not hit him. The elevator went down, but stopped before hitting the floor, no one was injured.

What is a project incident?

An incident is a formally defined problem that will impede the progress of the project and cannot be resolved by the Project Manager and his team, without external participation. Let’s look at the definition again. A formally defined problem. You must be able to document a problem if you hope to solve it.

How are incidents classified?

An incident will be classified according to the following scales: ➢ Very Serious Incidents. Major incidents will be considered those incidents whose score is greater than 160 points. ➢ Serious Incidents: when the score is less than or equal to 160 points and equal to or greater than 110 points.

Why is it important to report incidents?

Reporting an incident or unsafe condition is very important for the prevention of work accidents, this allows preventive measures to be implemented in a timely manner.

When is an incident promoted?

When the facts that found the incident, had occurred in the development of a hearing, it must be promoted in it. The sanction for the extemporaneity of the promotion of an incident, will be the inadmissibility of the incidental claim7. The processing of the incident in a hearing will be carried out orally.

How to document an incident?

The registry implies taking note of what happened, and documenting it, that is, collecting all the information of said incident or attack that allows us to understand what happened, even after a while.

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