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The difference between “jewelry” and “jewelry”

The difference between“jeweler’s“y“jeweler’s“

Writers in the UK often don’t know whether to write“jeweler’s“o“jeweler’s“. American writers don’t have the same problem. go for“jewels“immediately.

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  • “Jewelry“ es la ortografía estadounidense.
    • The President received numerous expensive gifts, including sculptures, paintings, and jewelry. ✔️
  • “Jewellery“ es la ortografía no estadounidense.
    • The Queen received numerous expensive gifts, including sculptures, paintings, and jewellery. ✔️

More about“Jewelry“and“Jewellery“

Writers are often unsure whether to use“jewels“o“jewels“when they refer to decorative personal adornments, generally valuable.“Jewelry“is the preferred spelling in American English, while“jewelry“is the preferred spelling in British English.

Examples of“jeweler’s“in British publications:

  • A woman was robbed at knifepoint by a man who came to her home to view a piece of jewellery she had advertised over the internet. ✔️
    (This is from a BBC article.)
  • If you keep it subtle and meaningful, men can (just about) wear jewellery. ✔️
    (This is from the British newspaper“The Guardian.“)

Examples of“jewels“in American publications:

  • One of his favorite gifts is a jeweled white robe presented by Elvis Presley, adorned with the words“The People’s Champion.“✔️
    (This is from CNN.)
  • The police have arrested a man in connection with the midday robbery last week of a jewelry store in Manhattan’s diamond district. ✔️
    (This is from“The New York Times.“)

The Complete List

American English:

  • Jewelry
  • Jeweler
  • Jewled
  • Jeweling
  • Jewel

British English:

  • Jewellery
  • Jeweller
  • Jewelled
  • Jewelling
  • Jewel

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