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The difference between “license” and “license”

The difference between“license“y“license“

“License“y“license“they are easy to confuse if you follow UK writing conventions. If you are following US conventions, you can ignore the“license“.

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In the UK, use“license“when you want to say“official documents“, but use“license“when you want to say“to allow“.

  • I have a licence. I am licensed to drive. ✔️
    (In the UK,“licence“means“official papers,“and“license“means“to allow.“So,“licensed“means“allowed.“)

In the US, use“license“for“official documents“y“to allow“.

  • I have a license. I am licensed to drive. ✔️
    (In the US,“license“means“official papers“and“to allow.“So,“licensed“means“allowed.“In other word,“licence“(with a c) does not exist in American English.)

More examples with“license“y“license“:

  • Do you have a license? ✔️
  • Do you have a licence? ✔️
  • I need to license this vehicle. ✔️

More about“Licence“and“License“

If you follow US writing conventions, life is easy. Uses“license“. (In the US, the“license“does not exist).

Those following UK conventions should know the difference between a noun and a verb because“license“is used for the noun, while“license“is used for the verb. If you’re not sure how to spot a noun and a verb, don’t worry, we’ve got some solutions.

Examples of“Licence“and“License“

Here are some sample sentences with“license“y“license“:

  • This restaurant is licensed to sell alcohol. ✔️
    (Here,“licensed“is a verb.)

Tip for Brits

Intente substitute el verbo“to allow“with the verb“license“to confirm that it is a verb.

  • This restaurant is allowed to sell alcohol.

Como esto suena bien,“with licence“it’s correct.

  • May I see your driving licence please? ✔️
    (Here,“licence“is a noun.)

Tip for Brits

Intente substitute el sustantivo“papers“with the noun“license“to confirm that it is a noun.

  • May I see your driving papers please?

Como suena bien,“license“it’s correct.

  • I am unable to give you a license because of your history. ✔️
  • This is not worth losing your licence over.  ✔️

No confusion with“licensing“or“licensed“

There should be no confusion with“license“o“with licence“. Completions“-ing“y“-ed“they mean that they are always of the verb; that is, there are no words like“license“o“with licence“in British or American English.

“License“in America

If you are American, use“license“. (In American English, license is both a noun and a verb.)

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