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The difference between “pending” and “imminent”

The difference between“earring“e“imminent“

“Earring“e“imminent“they are easy to confuse because they both describe a future event. However, there is a clear difference between“earring“e“imminent“.

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“Pending“ means to wait for a result (e.g., a decision, a settlement, a conclusion, a confirmation).

  • Sarah’s exam results are pending. ✔️
    (This means that Sarah’s exam results have not yet been received.“Pending“does not give a sense that the results are due soon.)

“Impending“ means imminent or about to happen.

  • Sarah’s exam results are impending. ✔️
    (This means that Sarah’s exam results are due in the very near future.)
  • Of note, the word“impending“often carries a connotation of something negative or threatening.
    The house is likely to flood during the impending storm. ✔️

More about“Pending“and“Impending“

The words“earring“e“imminent“they have a similar meaning to the extent that thesauri offer one as a synonym for the other, but they are not the same. While confusing these words doesn’t constitute grammatical howling, you could come across as a confused thinker if you use the wrong one.


The adjective“earring“means awaiting a result (for example, a decision, an agreement, a conclusion or a confirmation).

Example sentences with“earring“:

  • There are four pending issues.  ✔️
  • The test results are pending.  ✔️
  • This business is pending.  ✔️
  • Good luck with the pending litigation.  ✔️

“Pending“can also be used as a preposition with a meaning similar to“until“:

  • He was released on bail pending an appeal. ✔️
  • Her trial is suspended pending further evidence. ✔️


El adjetivo“imminent“means“imminent“o“about to happen“. It often has a negative connotation (ie the impending event will be bad).

Example sentences with“imminent“:

  • They waited for the impending storm. ✔️
  • Their impending demise ought to have been avoided. ✔️
  • The battle is impending. ✔️


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