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The difference between “principal” and “principle”

The difference between“Principal“y“Beginning“

“Principal“y“beginning“they are easy to confuse because they sound identical (that is, they are perfect homonyms). However, their meanings are very different.

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  • “Principal“means main. For example:
    • t is my principal concern. ✔️
  • “Principal“is the head of an institution (especially a school). For example:
    • Go and stand outside the principal’s office! ✔️
  • “Principle“is a general law or a code of conduct. For example:
    • Apply the guiding principle at all times. ✔️
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    “Principal“is usually an adjective meaning“principal“o“clave“. For example:

    • The principal objective is to make a profit. ✔️
    • The inspector highlighted my principal concern in his opening sentence. ✔️

    “Principal“can also be a noun meaning“boss“o“boss“. It is commonly used to mean“director“. For example:

    • Here comes the principal. ✔️
      (principal = head teacher)
    • The allegations against the former principal were that he not only allowed the cage fights to take place, but he also encouraged the participants. ✔️

    Principal and Money

    Cuando se hace referencia a un préstamo, el“principal“(o“main sum“) is the original amount of a debt or investment on which interest is calculated. For example:

    • With an interest-only mortgage, the principal sum is repaid at the end. ✔️


    “Beginning“It is a noun. It has a variety of meanings, including rule, belief, principle, and theory. Usually,“beginning“offers the idea of“ley general“o“code of conduct“. For example:

    • That is a great idea in principle. ✔️
    • He applied the Aufbau principle to determine the electron configuration of the silicon. ✔️

    “Beginning“often appears in the plural form“beginning“:

    • No! It is against my principles! ✔️
    • Those are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have others. ✔️ (Comedian Groucho Marx)
    • You could strengthen your argument by appealing to more general principles. ✔️

    Common Terms with Principal and Principle

    Estos son algunos términos comunes con“principal“:

    • principal agent
    • principal amount
    • main contractor
    • principal designer
    • main dancer
    • main focus
    • main investor

    Here are some common terms“beginning“:

    • Archimedes principle
    • ethical principle
    • first principle
    • fundamental principle
    • guiding principle
    • proximity principle

    Principal = A1

    Si imaginas que la“l“at the end of the main is a“1“, then the last two letters become“A1“. Let this remind you that“principal“means“the most important“o“principal“.

    • My principal concern is the safety of the dove. ✔️
      (“my A1 concern,“i.e., my main concern)
    • You can explain your absence to the principal.
      (“to the A1,“i.e., to the most important person in the department) ✔️

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